MRPR #23    Fall 2020

Welcome back! The Fall 2020 issue has ninety-eight poets, the most by far. More than four hundred poets submitted more than 1100 poems so selecting the ones for the magazine was challenging. We now have fifty-nine poets who appear in Muddy River Poetry Review for the first time which attests to the publication’s ability to attract new talent who believe this is a worthy journal in which to appear. Fifty--four poets are female and forty-four are male.

Among the wonderful poets in this issue are seven favorites who are Features. I first met bg Thurston at readings at Border’s Bookstore in Framingham, MA several years ago. Her poetry was great then and is even better now as readers will see. Years ago at an event of Endicott College students, Emily Lacey was one of the readers. I was pleased with her poetry and ran some of her poems in MRPR. I continue to be a fan of her work. I have read and enjoyed DeWitt Clinton’s work in several publications so I invited him to be a Feature to which he graciously agreed. Reading his poetry you will understand why I invited him to be a Feature. Jennifer Martelli is one of Boston’s most active and often read poets. She is co-poetry editor for Mom Egg Review and co-curates the Italian-American Writers Series. Steve Klepetar moved from St. Cloud, Minnesota to the Berkshire area in Massachusetts where he writes poetry that brings praise from all. Finally, if you have not read Wilderness Sarchild’s work you have missed outstanding poetry. I encountered her at a Voices of Poetry reading in Chatham, MA and immediately knew I wanted her as a Feature.

Appearing for the first time in this journal, I am pleased to offer a large group of poets with many varied styles. They come from different parts of the U>S. and other countries. thus giving Muddy River Poetry Review the feeling of an anthology.

So pull up a comfortable chair, sit back and enjoy poetry from the wonderful poets in this issue.


Zvi A. Sesling, Editor

Issue #23