MRPR #25    Fall 2021

Welcome back! Of the one hundred and one poets in this issue of Muddy River Poetry Review more than half in this issue of Muddy River Poetry Review are making their first appearance and bring their previously unpublished work to these pages.

Our Feature poets are Sha Huang, Vince Gotera, Doug Holder, Jane Williams, Anatoly Molotkov and David P. Miller. There is also a special tribute to the wife of Doug Holder, late Dianne Robitaille, wife of Doug Holder who died this past August.

Sha Huang grew up in China and teaches at Kennesaw State University in Georgia where she is Coordinator of Asian Studies and Associate Professor of Chinese and Interdisciplinary Studies Department of Foreign Languages - Interdisciplinary Studies Department at Kennesaw State University. Her poetry is special, even enchanting and her observations reflect the world as we should see it.

Megha Sood is a Pushcart-nominated Poet, Editor and Blogger from Jersey City, New Jersey. Among her many accomplishments is being an editor or associate editor of such magazines as  MookyChick (UK),  Life and Legends  (USA) and a Partner in the Literary project  ‚ÄúLife in Quarantine'' with  CESTA, Stanford University, USA. She has been featured in numerous publications and won a number of awards. Her bio lists many of those awards.  She blogs at  and tweets at @meghasood16


David P. Miller is a poet I admire and have published because of his ability to turn personal poems into universally understandable poetry, often with sly humor. Reading his poetry you may see some of yourself or your family and smile or cry.

Doug Holder is the cofounder of Ibbetson Street Press and Ibbetson Street Magazine and the cofounder of the legendary Somerville Bagel Bards. He has written numerous books of poetry and often been published in magazines. He has done much for poets and poetry in the Boston area and indeed throughout the country. His wife, poet Dianne Robitaille who was an essential part of his poetic career died this past August.

Jane Williams has graced this magazine before. An Australian who resides in Tasmania she has published eight volumes of poetry A talented poet, she has read throughout Europe and held a three month residence in Slovakia.

A. Molotkov grew up in the USSR and now makes America his home, contributing much to the poetry, nonfiction and short story field. He co-edits The Inflectionist Review and often posts salient quotes by Franz Kafka, Paul Celan and others.

Vince Gotera teaches at the University of Northern Iowa, where he served as Editor of the North American Review (2000-2016). He is also former Editor of Star*Line, the print journal of the international Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association (2017-2020). In his poetry you will find American soldiers in Vietnam, a poetic excerpt from a novel in progress and much more of interest.

There are also three poems by Eileen R. Tabios, a titan of American poetry, a poem by Patricia Gomes, the Poet Laureate of New Bedford (2014-2020) about which happened years ago but could have occurred yesterday. Sarah Mackey Kirby also tells of her personal encounter at a gas station while Tim Suermondt brings his always enjoyable, albeit, subtle humor to MRPR.

In this issue, read the poetry of the late Dianne Robitaille who was married to poet Doug Holder. Dianne was a wonderful poet, as her poems reflect. She has also left of legacy to poetry to the world.

So again I invite you to relax in a comfortable chair and take in the poets who present their considerable talents and thoughts for your contemplation and enjoyment. They are all part of the Muddy River Poetry Review family.


Zvi A. Sesling, Editor

Issue #25

Dianne Robitaille -- In Memoriam